Gin to Kin – Chapter 30

Gin to Kin – Chapter 30

I bet you didn’t expect that.
  1. Aokii said:

    Hey man,
    I appreciate it very much that you are picking up Gin to Kin.
    However, there are still a lot of mistakes (I am assuming English is not your mother tongue?), and the typsetting isn’t so good (although it’s already better than in the last chapter).
    I think it would be a great idea if you had one or two more people helping you with the releases, so the overall quality would be much better.
    Please accept the help of any typesetters or proofreaders that are offering you their services!
    Thanks again for translating this! 🙂

    • Gotto said:

      It is true that I am not a Japanese/English translator, so most of the time I do 3 translations in my mind and they don’t look as good as they should but there’s also a lot of context involved. A proofreader will be a must for future releases, but I would like to learn to typeset it myself. I will make an entry about that, with other important stuff, later today.

      Anyways, thanks a lot for the input.

      • FKMTfan2 said:

        Thanks for another chapter!

        Something I’d like to suggest, as someone who has proofed and QCed many, many lines of translated text– If you’re working with a proofreader / QCer, do include all the alternate translations in the text you want proofed. Ambiguities are very common in J->E translation, and more context is always better, as you alluded.

        For example, without any additional context, at the top left of the third page:

        Panel 2:
        Would you instead want me to…?

        Panel 3:
        I ask you to

        I would rewrite those lines as:

        >Would you rather I hold it? (or) Should I take care of it?

        >I’ll leave it to you.

        If you’d like any more assistance, let me know, I’ll give you a more proper email address to reply to.

        Thanks again for translating this difficult title!

      • Gotto said:

        Thanks for your feedback, I’ll make sure to take note about this.

  2. (゜∀゜) said:


  3. Nen said:

    I’d definitely be interested in being a proofreader in the future if you need one.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Holy fuck, you have no idea how happy I was when I found out this manga had been picked up by someone!

    Thank you so much for doing this! Fukumoto is fucking brilliant and more of his work deserves to be translated!

  5. Senk said:

    Really thank you! You’re great! God! It’s outstanding that you’re translating, hope u have good times like us readers, thank you!

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