The jersey and the squirt (Again!! doujin)

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while now, and I want to tell you a couple of things, but I’ll go down to the doujin business first. This is an interesting doujin about the manga Again!!, which I’m sure some of you know. It has a different setup and different character names, but the feeling is pretty much the same.

What were you expecting? After all, this is a SFW blog.

What were you expecting? After all, this is a SFW blog.

Download link (Mirror)

I’m looking for a Proofreader

Now that I gave you porn, might as well give me a hand. I want to start new projects but I don’t want to drag some shitty mistakes I have because my proficiency in JP/EN isn’t the best. So if you feel you’re up to the challenge of helping me, write at singanonsing [AT] outlook [DOT] com. I’ll then contact you and I might tell you everything about projects and stuff. You don’t have to be full-time, since I won’t be able to spend most of my time doing this, but it be nice that, if you can’t start actively from the beginning, not to apply.

Thanks a lot for keeping track of my work, and I hope to deliver more amazing stuff in the future. See ya!

  1. Marik said:

    I wouldn’t consider this a doujin, since it’s from a magazine. COMIC Kairakuten 2012-04 to be exact.

  2. */* said:

    well done bro
    sent me a message to my e-mail
    I want to discuss something with you

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